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DaySpring Gardens History

Originally, the house was one of three railroad shacks built in the 1950’s as a place for Norfolk Southern workers to live.

However, I grew up knowing it only as the Sineath house. The Sineath’s were an elderly couple whom I adopted as a part of my extended family. My house was up a pig trail about 200 yards, give or take a few. So I stayed with the couple a lot – especially in the summers. They were raising their grandson, Troy, who even though was several years younger than me, made a great playmate. We both had great imaginations.

In the late 60’s there were tiny antique roses everywhere, plenty of trees to climb and a railroad track to wonder up and down. It was a place where my friends and I made the Boxcar Children’s Adventures really come alive. Mrs. Sineath aways had us something good for lunch and never hesitated to join in our conversations as if she’d been outside with us all morning…everyday. She had been a well traveled woman in her career time, climbing the corporate ladder with Gulf Life Insurance. It seemed so strange to think of her that way though; because, as long as I knew her, she never left her house. She cooked and read constantly, Redbook, National Geographic, Newspapers, and then some. Regardless of the subject, Mrs. Sineath could tell you anything you needed to know. On the other hand, Mr. Sineath, a retired painter, never said much, except to talk about something from Sunday school or church. A strange pair they always seemed to me. But it didn’t matter, summers at the Sineath house were the best times of my life – full of make-believe, good food, sweet honeysuckles and trains.

In 2006, I was able to purchase the property from the Sineath’s son. My husband, Jeff, and I began renovating and remodeling the house on weekends and holidays, leaving the bottom floor arranged as closely to what I’d remembered as a child. The attic was turned into bedrooms and a bath, while the yards were transformed into what I think Mrs. Sineath would love. Some of her roses were spared and now grac arbors and fence rows about the property. It took us about 5 years, but it was worth it. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a pleasant childhood memory here.

Four hundred people came for my daughter’s wedding, many of whom remembered the Sineath’s and their railroad shack. What a joy it was to share special memories of days gone by, while making new ones in the same place!

After many calls of interest, we decided to share the spirit and beauty of DaySpring Gardens with others.

I know that the Sineaths would be very proud.

Lisa A. Sammons

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